To be frank, eCommerce has been around long before the online deals you will find with us, 

A group of college students were credited with kicking this whole thing off with an intriguing transaction to say the least. In 1971, Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory engaged in a commercial transaction with their counterparts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before Amazon and eBay, the seminal act of eCommerce was conducted on the Arpanet Account. It was a technologically advanced version of a simple drug deal. The students used their colleges? networks to quietly arrange the sale of an undetermined amount of marijuana. Really. They did. 

We haven?t been around quite that long or sold any products of that kind, but have several team members that go back to almost the beginning. Our pioneers use to schlep their wares at the West Coast Computer Faire right along with the likes of Jobs & Wozniak in the late 70?s. Later it was known as Comdex and a guy named Bill was quite the trailblazer. Our ringleader and long time friends were wheeling and dealing computers in the wild west of the 80s and 90s alongside the likes of Michael Dell?s "PCs Limited" now known worldwide as 

Today those pioneers and ringleaders have reunited to bring you With over 35 years of experience in the computer business, our team brings to you a one stop shop that offers so much to you, everyday. We have cheap pricing, over one million SKUS, numerous shipping partners, daily deals through our Triple D-Daily Deep-stack Deal, Mom & Pop friendly service and oh so much more.

Gratefully the good old days of the dial up modem to get on the World Wide Web are long gone! Today, just get connected. Then enjoy our savings as we Tweet, Follow, Like and ultimately thank those college kids for making their dream come true and ours too. Here?s to doing you proud gentlemen:, Where You Buy Like A Dealer